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With the hectic pace of life for most people nowadays, it is easy to understand why carefree condominium living is appealing to the masses. When combined with master-planning and mixed-use design, condos offer the opportunity to live, work, play and shop in the same community, which is even more desirable. That’s what master-planning is all about: urban design that usually includes residential, retail, office, commercial, green space and easy access to public transit. Residents can run errands, exercise in the outdoors, enjoy entertainment venues and possibly even work and/or attend college or university, all within walking distance.

11YV ideally located in Toronto’s elite Yorkville neighborhood, is the perfect example of a residential condo meeting lifestyle needs.

Over the past several years, cities across North America have become home to a growing number of these residential scenarios. One thing we have learned from the blossoming of master-planned, mixed-use communities is that we need all those little shops we use to keep our lives together, such as small grocery stores, fresh green grocers, dry cleaners, hair salons and the like. Walkability is the crux of master-planning, and it is a true luxury to be able to stroll to these nearby amenities. Sometimes the residences in these communities are rental, as well as market condos, to embrace people of all walks of life. 

Then again, even single condominiums in downtown Toronto are master-planned and mixed-use by virtue of location alone. Most new buildings feature retail venues on the ground floor and are close to a multitude of local amenities and services, including lovely green spaces. They may also be adjacent to office/commercial towers. And wherever you live in Toronto, you can be sure public transit access is close by. Whether urban or suburban, the condo lifestyle continues to be in demand in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.