When shopping for a new condominium to live in, it is always best to know exactly what you are buying in the way of the building, the suite and any lifestyle restrictions that might apply, especially if you have an exotic pet. Most condominiums understand the passion people have for their pets. In just about every condo I visit, I encounter a few dogs and their owners on the elevators and in hallways. Indeed, a pet can make a huge difference in the wellbeing and happiness of their owners, and condo developers and condo corporations understand that. In return, suite owners are expected to abide by the pet guidelines set out for everyone’s safety and privacy.


To accommodate this popular trend, developers often include dog-washing stations among today’s common amenities. In addition, most condos are located close to parks where people can walk their dogs and enjoy the outdoors together. Dogs and cats make wonderful companions. A move to a condo should be a smooth one for pet-owners, so check ahead of time and move in knowing you and your pet are truly coming “home.”