In Ontario, we have a Condominium Act that regulates most elements of condominium buying, living in and governance ( The Agreement of Purchase and Sale condominium documents purchasers receive is based on this Act. If you are purchasing, or thinking of purchasing a condo in Ontario, be sure that you hire a real estate lawyer who is well versed in the Act.
2020.04.13 Blog

This may seem like advice aimed at first-time buyers, but it is equally as important for people moving from a low-rise home to a condominium. The parameters are different, so simply hiring your father’s real estate lawyer may not be the best move. Lawyers have specialties, so you want to find one who is familiar with the condominium process. This includes items such as what you actually own in the building, what maintenance fees cover, what guidelines you have to follow as a resident, etc.

Buying a condominium suite is different from purchasing a low-rise home, and so is living in one. The condo lifestyle is comfortable and convenient. Just be sure you know the ins and outs beforehand, so you can make an informed decision.