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Long ago, multigenerational living, referred to recently as intergenerational living, was a way of life for Canadian families who shared accommodations. Culturally and internationally, this continues to be an accepted practice, and nowadays we see a lot of families with grown children opting to live in the same suite or different suites in the same building.

Baker Intergenerational Living

For example, some parents have their post-secondary education enrolled children live with them, rather than paying out for residence and room and board. These families save thousands to put toward their mortgages. Some millennials in the working world move back in with their parents to save money toward owning homes themselves. Another situation we see a lot of is parents helping their grown children purchase suites in the same condominium, often on different floors. Essentially, they live together, yet apart for convenience and privacy. The opposite happens when adult children purchase a suite in the same condo they live in for their aging parents, which makes helping to care for the older generation more convenient.

Whether it is one large suite for two or more generations, or two or more suites in the same building, condominium living can be the perfect answer to your lifestyle needs. As I love to say, GO CONDO!