1. Price – Both end-users and investors can buy into the new condo market in Toronto at attainable price points.
  2. Availability – New low-rise homes in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area are scarce.
  3. Bright Outlook – The new condo market is positive, strong and has legs to grow.
  4. ROI Potential – Investors saw 2018 cause a frenzy in the rental market, where rents have increased substantially.
  5. Something for Everyone – In addition to being the choice of most first-time buyers, new condos also serve those wanting to move up but are still priced out of the low-rise market.
  6. Appointments – Purchasers of pre-sale condos can select the features, finishes and upgrades that express their aesthetic tastes and fit their budgets.
  7. Location – New condos are going up across the city in locations that are close to amenities and public transit.
  8. Amenities – New condominium buildings are graced with luxurious amenities, from chic multi-purpose rooms to fabulous fitness facilities, lounges, games rooms, barbecue/dining terraces and more.
  9. Convenience – With exterior and common area maintenance and repair handled by the Condominium Corporation, condo residents have more leisure time to spend with family and friends, and to use the great amenities in their buildings.
  10. The Wave of the Future – With ongoing immigration and the lack of developable low-rise land across Toronto and the GTA, condos are the wave of the future and will always be in demand.XoHero_CAROUSEL.jpg