Most first-time buyers, and all home buyers, understand that with a new home or condominium suite, you have the benefit of Tarion Warranty coverage. Certainly, freedom from worrying about major repairs and knowing deficiencies will be taken care of at no cost to you offer peace of mind over buying resale. But did you know that over time, that coverage follows the home, rather than the buyer? This is great news all around. If you purchase new and then sell before the coverage ends, having it in place is a key selling point. Anyone who purchases from you will get the benefit of the coverage until it runs out.

There are oh, so many reasons to choose a new home or condominium. Consider the most up-to-date construction techniques, materials and green features; the opportunity to select the features and finishes that will personalize your fresh, clean surroundings; the knowledge that you are the first owner in your brand-spanking new home. And warranty coverage to boot!