I was in a recent meeting where everyone in the room was asked to introduce themselves and where they were from. When my turn came around I said, “Barbara Lawlor, born in Ireland, made in Toronto!” The line got a great response from my colleagues, many of whom, in typical Toronto fashion, were born someplace else.

I borrowed the line from a marketing campaign that just launched in support of Peter & Adelaide condos. This landmark development by Graywood is coming to the Entertainment District this fall, delivering contextual design and world-class amenities in one of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods. Wrapping in and around three historic properties, Peter & Adelaide is a contemporary 47-storey tower from the same developer who brought the Residences of The Ritz Carlton to Toronto.

It’s a marquee project, by a first-class developer in the neighborhood that has few rivals. There is going to be a spectacular rooftop swimming pool, as well as an expansive indoor and outdoor amenity program on the 3rd floor podium. That is in addition to all the restaurants, bars and film festivals you could ever want or need right outside your door.

Graywood’s ambition for the project was to develop a building that was recognizably made in Toronto. Drawing on the firm’s 30-years of experience, Graywood pulled together a stellar team of local designers and consultants which includes BBB Architects, Union 31 Inc. and MBTW Group. A Toronto-made team for a Toronto-made project that is nothing less than world-class.

What I love about the line Made in Toronto, is all the meanings that gets packed into those three words. Not only do they celebrate the leading-expertise that Toronto’s development industry has accumulated over the years, they also speak to the wonderful diversity that has come to define life in Toronto. Like I said, there aren’t too many meetings that I attend in this city that don’t include a collection of colleagues who were born somewhere else.

It’s Toronto that’s brought us all together.