Over the years, I have written about the increase in popularity of furniture designed to maximize space – perfect for a condo. Well, with condos becoming THE popular new home choice across the GTA, there are now sections of large furniture stores, and even entire stores dedicated to condo-inspired furnishings. As brilliantly designed as today’s suites are – even the most compact – the need is there to make the most of every square foot. Cleverly designed furniture is a major approach to this concept.

Simply Google condo furnishing ideas, and you will discover a wealth of information on items such as desks that fold down into Murphy beds, expandable dining tables (like the ones we grew up with, only on a less grand scale), chairs that have bookshelves built in (yes, it’s true!), tall wall units with doors, floating chairs and tables, and beds with storage underneath. Oh, and remember the ottoman? It is not just for footstools anymore. Modern ottomans come in a variety of styles and configurations, and can serve as extra seating, storage pieces, and even coffee tables. As you browse through furniture stores online or in person, ask about the possibility of having features customized to meet your individual condo needs. Many companies offer this service.

Before you think a condo square footage is too small, check out what’s available in furnishings – and then enjoy selecting the items that will turn your condo “house” into a comfortable, spacious home.