At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we are thrilled that Barbara Lawlor, our president and CEO, received the prestigious Riley Brethour Award at the 2017 BILD Home Builder Awards presentation. The Building Industry and Land Development Association is the voice of the home building, land development and professional renovation industry in the GTA.

We can’t think of a better winner, especially as the Riley Brethour award celebrates outstanding and consistent achievement in residential sales and marketing, while exhibiting exemplary leadership and serving as a superb role model for other industry professionals. This coveted pinnacle award has been won by the most iconic professionals in the industry. Barbara is the epitome of everything the late Riley Brethour stood for, especially his approach to business with hard work, integrity and a positive attitude.

On a consistent basis, we see firsthand Barbara’s tremendous work ethic, and she inspires us to strive to excellence in every aspect of our careers. Competency, credibility, communication and caring define her professionalism. Barbara came up through the ranks in the real estate profession, and her leadership style includes respect for everyone on her team. She listens to us, and in turn, we appreciate and learn from her feedback.

Regardless of real estate cycles, Barbara is always positive and passionate about our industry. She truly cares about our clients, the Baker Real Estate employees and associates, and the home-buying public. Her popular blog and columns offer the voice of reason when the media are filled with negativity.

Congratulations, Barbara! You often say that you get out of any career what you put into it, and you have put in a lifetime of dedication, which is why this award is so well deserved. We look forward to many more years of learning from you and following your example.

The Baker Real Estate  Executive Team: Executive Vice Presidents Debbie Lafave, Jeff Clark, Harley Nakelsky