The 2016 Canadian Census results were just released, and our country was once again the fastest-growing in the G7. Last year, Canada was home to 35.15 million, and close to two in five Canadians lived in the 15 largest municipalities in the nation. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are home to over one-third of all Canadians, and of that total, nearly half live in Toronto and its surrounding municipalities.
None of this is a surprise to those of us in the new home-building industry, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. For many years, we have watched the influx of immigrants who continue to choose Canada as their home of choice because of the safety and quality of life they find here. According to the census statistics, 82 per cent of the population in Canada live in large- and medium-size cities, a trend fueled by immigration. Most people who relocate here from other countries gravitate toward urban areas.
The GTA is particularly appealing, as we are privileged to have superb, world-class schools, shopping, plus cultural and sporting venues. Our new homes and condominiums are continually in demand. The explosion of condo sales over the past few years is partially due as well to both young professionals and baby-boomers wanting the convenience of this type of lifestyle. At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we see more families entering that category. No matter how you slice the statistics, the demand for new homes and condominiums in the GTA will continue to be strong for years to come.