One of the best ways to feel part of the vertical community in your new condominium residence is to get involved with the running of the building. Consider joining the condominium board of directors for a number of good reasons. First, you have a say in the way things are done. Condo residents are expected to live according to guidelines that protect their comfort, safety and privacy. The board’s decisions directly affect the quality of life for all suite owners, their families and visitors.

As a board member, you will help to make decisions on a variety of elements, such as awarding contracts for building maintenance, hiring staff, setting up a code of conduct for residents, ensuring that the reserve fund remains ample for future repairs, determining amenity hours and use … the list goes on. To qualify, you must have great communication skills and be willing to act as a team player. Of course, there is a time commitment as well.

Board members often become friends, which is another super reason to get involved. Members usually hail from a variety of backgrounds including sales, law, administration, landscaping and the like. Duties are interesting, and everyone on the board is like minded in wanting things to run as smoothly as possible.

If you decide against running for the board, take an interest in others who are. Ask questions and research their qualifications. Remember, they will affect your everyday life and help to protect your building’s future. Keep in mind, too, that board members are also suite owners, and respect their decisions. After all, you’re in this together!