Those who opt to live in condominium suites today likely need to live in a lower square footage than they may be used to. The good news is twofold: today’s open-concept suites are designed to maximize space and live larger than their square footage may seem; and people are discovering they really do not need vast amounts of space. Millennials, in particular, are opting for more minimalist lifestyles, with paperless offices and multi-functional furnishings that provide storage, seating and the like. They are likely as happy to eat dinner at a breakfast bar rather than a table and chairs, so a dining room is unnecessary. Even empty-nesters who are weary of the upkeep of large homes find that a condominium suite is in many ways like a low-rise home without the wasted space of stairways, hallways and the like.

This trend is catching on, even in the low-rise world. Tune into the TV show “Tiny House, Big Living,” and you will be amazed at how clever the designs of these residences are. Some measure in at under 300 square feet! In fact, the configuration and flow of rooms have more impact on livability than the numeric measurement of their space. And remember that the amenities in a condominium are essentially extensions of your living space. When you have a fully equipped fitness room just an elevator-ride away, you do not have to factor in a spot to keep barbells, weights or a step machine.

If shopping for a condominium suite is in your plans, keep in mind that layout is more important than square footage. Even if you envision more than 300 square feet, you will find wonderful choices out there in a variety of sizes – and one of them is bound to be just perfect for your needs.