Condominium purchasers who buy early in the sales cycle often have up to two or three years to wait for their move-in. By purchasing early, you get the best choice of floors and suites for prices that are sure to go up as sales continue. My advice is to make the most of your wait time to maximize your move.

First and foremost, this gives you more time to save money toward your down payment. At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we recommend depositing the equivalent of your maintenance fee into your bank account each month. It will add up quickly, and will make it easy for you to budget for your monthly carrying costs.

The fun factor can enter into your wait, too. Think about your new suite floorplan and start planning what furnishings and accessories will transform your surroundings to make them feel like home. Browse through the amazing dual-purpose furniture items available today that offer storage space behind closed doors. Look through magazines and on the Internet for ideas. You will be all that much more prepared when you are called for your colour selection appointment.

For those of you who are right-sizing to smaller square footage, take some time to pare down your possessions. Each item you sell, give or throw away something, you will feel a sense of freedom, helping to ease the psychological as well as physical transition to your new condo. The other advantage of your condo wait is having time to explore the amenities around your new building. You can figure out what stores, restaurants and the like are within walking distance.

Enjoy the wait – and remember that your investment will most likely increase in value by the time you move in!