Ah, lovely spring weather has finally arrived, and I notice yard and garage sales popping up across the GTA. At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we often hear from condo purchasers that they own more “stuff” than will fit into their new suites. It strikes me that now is the perfect time to go through possessions and purge what you will not be taking with you when you move. As you right-size to the condominium that fits your lifestyle needs, you likely have to down-size your clothing, furnishings, accessories and other household items.

The yard sale is a terrific form of recycling. People who buy the “treasures” you sell are happy, and you make some money that can potentially go toward purchasing new items for your condo. So take a good look around. Do you really need all those small kitchen appliances that have been hiding at the back of your cupboards for years? Is there a spot for every single knickknack you’ve collected over the decades? These items may be treasures for others – let them go, and enjoy the fact that someone else will enjoy them.

Treat the yard sale as a fun event. Invite friends and family to help, and you never know – you may make some new friends in the process. Of course, you can always give heirlooms and other cherished possessions to family and friends. Jewelry pieces, antiques, appliances, toys and household items can be sold online or even donated to charity shops. Be ruthless: items that are beyond salvage can always go into the trash.

And here’s great news: people tell us that once they have de-cluttered their surroundings, they have a wonderful feeling of freedom. What a spectacular way to start your new life in your beautiful new condo!