We are through only part of January, and already Canada has begun collecting international accolades. This month, our country came in second in a ranking of the best countries in the world!

The World Economic Forum released the survey of 60 countries that covered 24 categories such as business, economy and quality of life. Canada shone in many, including our attitude toward welcoming immigrants, celebrating diversity, nurturing the arts and offering a high standard of living. We were praised for our trade policies and for being a high-tech society. Did you know that Canada ranks third in proven oil reserves and we are the fifth-largest oil producer in the world?

In this survey, we lost out to Germany overall, but captured first place for quality of life. Interestingly, the United States ranked fourth overall.

This news comes hot on the heels of Toronto being named one of the NY Times’ top travel destinations in the world and referred to us as Canada’s premier city.

No wonder so many people choose to immigrate to Canada and the GTA. We truly have it all, by anyone’s standards!