Red_Christmas_present_on_white_backgroundIf new condominium suite owners are on your gift-shopping list and you want to get something for their home, think flexibility! Today’s condos are designed to maximize space, but are often compact, so something with multi-functional uses would be great. This can be anything from stacking coffee mugs to an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, seating and/or storage unit.

Perhaps you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas? How about a decorative wall hook or USB drives your loved one can use for digital media storage? Today’s condominium kitchens are gorgeous, and in open-concept spaces become part of the main living area. A great accessory that comes in a kaleidoscope of colours and designs is the ever-important tea towel. Think about the giftee’s taste and décor style and select kitchen towels that will add a pop of colour.

You will find all sorts of ideas online, such as a fabric laundry bag that can hang on the back of a closet door, serving trays that can serve as tiny dining surfaces, edible gifts, a cozy blanket that is beautiful enough to use on the bed or as a throw. Even better, tickets take up very little space – think about an experience gift in the form of tickets to a play, concert or sporting event.

Have fun shopping, and remember that your family and friends who live in condos likely do not have space for a lot of “things.” In keeping with the season, give a gift that results from some careful thought!