If you are shopping for a condominium in Toronto, you will want to have a look at the fascinating article Notable.ca ran on October 5, 2015. The piece quotes information about the prices of one- and two-bedroom condominiums within five km of Toronto’s busiest pedestrian intersections. Condos close to these crossroads sold for far more than the average Toronto price over the past year – almost $150,000 more! Those around Bloor Street and Avenue Road carried the highest price tags, and those close to Yonge Street and Queen Street the lowest.

Talk about location, location, location! Most are situated adjacent to the subway or access to the city’s PATH system, making them a favourite with those who work in the city and want to live there as well. With the amount of pedestrian traffic these intersections experience, it is obvious that residents can walk to everything from shopping to entertainment, restaurants, public transit and for some, even their places of work. Owning a gas-powered vehicle is an option rather than a necessity.

This is fascinating news for anyone looking to live in or invest in a Toronto condo – resale value and location are incredible in these prime spots. To read the entire article, go to http://notable.ca/these-are-the-average-prices-of-condos-at-the-busiest-intersections-in-toronto/