Treat yourself to a visit to the website, and zero in on the World Rankings page for 2015. Our great city has already garnered three impressive international accolades this year. First, Toronto was named The Economist’s Best Place to Live in the world in a comparison of 50 cities. Criteria included business environment, democracy and global food security. Toronto also ranked 8th out of 50 cities in the Safe Cities Index, out of 50 cities compared for digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety. And third, Toronto ranked 12th in the Sustainable Cities Index (the highest North American City in that ranking). Again, this was out of 50 cities ranked on social, environmental and economic sustainability. And of course, this year, Toronto will be home to the Pam Am Games in July and the Parapan Am Games in August.

Last year, our City gleaned 15 impressive titles including being named the world’s most tax-competitive major city by KPMG, the world’s most resilient city by the Grosvenor Group, and the world’s top intelligent community by the Intelligent Community Forum.

The simple fact is that we live in a city that continually gains international attention because of the wonderful quality of life we enjoy. Within this grand context, newcomers can choose from a multitude of housing styles including condominiums – the longtime choice of urban dwellers around the world. No wonder so many immigrants settle in Toronto, the most amazing city on the planet!