TorontoHave you heard the news? In January, the Economist ranked Toronto the world’s best city to live in! Three dozen major cosmopolitan areas were considered, from Montreal to Chicago, New York to Paris, Hong Kong to Rio de Janeiro, and Abu Dhabi to Seoul. The Economist ranked them by several interesting indexes such as livability, global food security, safety, business environment, democracy and cost of living. Toronto placed in the top 10 in nearly all of the categories.

This is exciting news, but not a surprise to me. Having traveled the world, I know that our Canadian lifestyle is the envy of people from around the globe, and the Greater Toronto Area becomes home to a large percentage of our ongoing influx of immigrants.

The Economist rankings show that Toronto is the safest city in North America and the eighth-safest in the entire world. Among the criteria for that category are personal safety, health security, digital security and infrastructure.

This wonderful news is the newest of Toronto’s many accolades. When you have a few minutes, visit and have a look at the City’s World Rankings pages to fully appreciate how many awards and acknowledgements we have received for our quality of life.

And how about some more fabulous news? The Economist ranked Montreal the second best city in the world to live in! At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we recognized that City’s enormous appeal several years ago, when we set up a branch called Immobilier Baker to help sell condominiums there. Like Toronto, Montreal is a beautiful city with superb cultural, entertainment, educational and recreational facilities.

Well done, Toronto and Montreal for ranking first and second in the top five, before Stockholm, Amsterdam and San Francisco. Here’s to living in the greatest places on earth!