A recent Toronto Life article, “Stuck in Condoland” documents the experiences of several young couples who are raising young children in their condominium suites. This interesting article is based on the “baby boom” in downtown Toronto, with the number of children under the age of 5 rising at record rates. At Baker Real Estate, we are seeing more of this all the time, as immigrant families who are used to apartment-style living choose Toronto as their residential destination.

Toronto is ahead of the rest of the world in so many ways, yet we are relative latecomers to this phenomenon. Raising children in metropolitan centres is the norm in other major cities around the world. The fact that the City of Toronto, local service providers and our condo developers are rising to the challenge to make it easier is a tribute to our ability to adapt to changing demographics. To read the entire article, visit www.torontolife.com/informer/toronto‑real‑estate/2014/06/11/stuck‑in‑condoland/