A little searching on the web uncovers a world of micro condo suites and apartments that make our smallest suites in the GTA seem huge.

Last year, Global News Toronto reported on Canada’s smallest condominium suite measuring 297 square feet in Surrey, BC. It was being marketed at the time for $109,000, targeting lower income-earners who wanted to own a home. Forbes.com also had a feature on micro-apartments, stressing the need to pare down possessions and include built-ins in order to make a 250 square-foot space livable.

On the Reality Drama blog online, you will find photos of condos as small as 89 square feet in New York, and 182 square feet in Seattle, Washington. And on another blog by Matt Heafy, I found photos of a 60.5 square foot flat in the Knightsbridge area of west London. Can you believe it?

And don’t you just love the web? Do a search on smallest condominiums in the world, and see for yourself how efficient design and clever storage solutions make these suites live larger than their square footage. Remember, smaller translates to affordability, whether you are a first-time buyer, an empty-nester or an investor. The trend right now, especially with young people, is to minimize possessions. For them, living in an urban environment with public transportation and a wealth of amenities at their doorstep is well worth making the most of whatever square footage they have!