Just a reminder that if you are shopping for a new condominium in the GTA, keep track of what you get for the price in each residence, as well as how liveable the suite designs are. Too often, shoppers get carried away with the price per square footage and forget that some condos offer higher-quality standard features and more efficient suite designs than others. How much are maintenance fees? Is the builder offering incentives that reduce your bottom line financially or provide upgrades you might not otherwise be able to afford? Ask questions and make notes.

Comparison shop in an educated way. Look at your work commute from the buildings you are considering. If one condo suite is less expensive, but your travel to and from your place of employment will be much costlier, take that into consideration, along with the neighbourhoods and whether they are established or evolving. Usually, communities in newer areas increase in desirability and value over time.

One of the best ways to keep track of it all is with lists or a spreadsheet. Many condo shoppers come in with a laptop and enter their parameters right in the sales office. Your goal should be to get the most and best condominium for your money!