Most new home shoppers know that when it comes to resale, kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms potential buyers consider. If you are in the market to purchase a new condo and want to get a good return-on-investment when you move up someday, make your kitchen/bath features and finishes choices wisely. Of course, you have to feel comfortable with your decisions, but keep in mind what future buyers might respond to as well. You may be drawn to unique fixtures and exotic faucets, but by selecting those, might you be limiting your market for future buyers?1 Bdrm - Kitchen

Realize that buying new means that you get the most current trends when it comes to design, which bodes well for resale someday. For example, when it comes to kitchens, think furniture! Open-concept designs make the most of space, which means the kitchen is part of the main living area. Because of this, developers are offering gorgeous cabinet finishes and clever storage solutions. Kitchens create a striking focal point and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. Beautiful, energy-efficient appliances also add to the effect, and the possibilities are remarkable. Do you like stainless steel, paneled fronts, single units, components? Have fun selecting the items that will make your kitchen part of the place where friends and family interact while you prepare food. The look is sophisticated, sleek and inviting.Model Suite

And speaking of inviting, have you seen the choices available for ensuite bathrooms? Think spa all the way! Today’s bathrooms are essentially sanctuaries from the hectic outside world. Developers are going all out to make baths striking, with furniture-style vanities, luxurious ceramics and rich stone among the many choices. Fixtures are available today in every imaginable style, from Victorian to extremely modern. Deep soaker tubs, glass shower enclosures, opaque glass block walls … whatever your pleasure, there is sure to be a finishing selection to satisfy it.

The good news is that most builders today provide incredible standard features, so that for many buyers, upgrading is a choice rather than a necessity. If you have money in your budget for upgrades, think seriously about selecting them in the kitchen and bath, which will get you the most return-on-investment for your condominium dollar.