Far from being the maintenance-free residential option of retirees, like it was when I started in the industry decades ago, condominium ownership is the popular choice of new home buyers of all ages today. In fact, condominiums are a downright phenomenon in the Greater Toronto Area.
The appeal of condos will always be there for mature buyers looking to move from large homes into more compact spaces and to enjoy freedom from low-rise maintenance. Over the years, however, the scenario has changed to include everyone from first-time buyers to professional couples and families with children. Builders and developers have responded to this growth by offering increasingly more innovative designs that are satisfying the spectrum of purchasers.
Of course, nowadays, affordability attracts first-time buyers to condos, as prices for low-rise homes across the GTA have skyrocketed. And let’s face it – just about everyone today is frantically busy keeping up with life in general. Having someone else do the lawn-mowing and snow-clearing tasks associated with low-rise living free up valuable leisure time for condo owners.
The really great news is that even the most compact condominium suites are designed to maximize every square foot, and owners enjoy gorgeous amenities that expand their “living” spaces. For move-up buyers, there is a wonderful assortment of choices available, from spacious suites to sprawling penthouses.
There is a condominium suite for everyone out there. If you are looking for a new home that is beautiful, convenient and maintenance free, a condominium is the perfect choice!