Today’s technology fascinates me. The amount of information and power we have, literally at our fingertips, is simply astounding. Just look at cell phones, which have become mini offices with vehicles for communicating in a multitude of genres. When it comes to real estate, you can get just about everything you need to know while you’re walking down the street or lounging at home in your pj’s.

The term “APP” is becoming a household word anymore, with people zeroing in on what’s important to them to have on their phones. Technology has affected the real estate industry tremendously in other ways as well. From computers came the Internet, email and social networking. New home and condominium builders have spent a lot of time and resources to develop effective websites, set up social networking communiqués, etc. Emails are as common now as phone calls, because of convenience.

We felt the impact of advancing technology recently at Baker Real Estate Incorporated. We often send out e-blasts to brokers, and now we have to consider how the item looks on cell phones, as well as computer monitors.

I recently wrote about Bazinga!, the online platform for connecting real estate stakeholders in an innovative way. CHAZ.Yorkville is the first condominium in Toronto to offer this opportunity to purchasers, and I am sure more will follow suit in the near future. Owners, developers, property managers and building staff will be able to keep up to date with what’s happening in the condominium. Residents can even pay maintenance fees via this creative platform through their smart phone, tablet or desktop. Developers are also creating their own cell phone apps to augment their marketing programs.

The point is, you can shop for a new home, check out builder reputations, ask questions and a whole lot more via your cell phone. It is easy and fun!