I just found out about the most amazing tool for home-shoppers. It’s called “WalkScore®” – and I can see it becoming an important part of the condominium shopping experience. In essence, you can go to www.walkscore.com, type in any address in North America, and find out what amenities are within walking distance of that locale!Walk Score

At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we find that condominium buyers of all ages appreciate being able to walk to things. As many condo purchasers are first-time homeowners and some have small children, the ability to push a stroller to run errands is great. Older buyers like not having to use a vehicle to buy bread and milk or go to the dentist.

And I am always extolling the virtues of living in a condominium, just a stroll away from shopping, restaurants and services, so this website is amazingly helpful. Once you key in the address you’re considering, you will see an area map, a few neighbourhood photos and on occasion, the actual home or condo. Often, the site lists some of the walkable amenities in categories, so if schools are important to you, for instance, you can explore those possibilities right away.

Really, a visit to walkscore.com is a must, even just to experience how detailed it is. You can check out what public transportation is available close by, find walking routes and even order an app so you can have this on your smart phone while you shop. Key in your work address and you can access an estimate of how much time and money it will cost to commute from the home address in question. Isn’t that remarkable?

When it comes to new home shopping, it really is about location, location, location – and WalkScore® can help you find the perfect new address!