There are oh, so many reasons to choose a new condominium in your search for a home. One of the most compelling is that purchasing a new home or condo from a builder registered through Tarion Warranty Corporation provides you with enormous peace of mind. Tarion is a great organization that provides tremendous security and confidence. What a wonderful feeling it is to walk into your new home or condo suite and know that practically everything is under warranty for up to seven years.

This coverage includes protection on a number of items including your deposit, defects in work and materials, unauthorized substitutions, delayed closings or occupancies without proper notice – and in the case of condominiums, it also includes the common/shared areas of the building. If anything does go wrong in any part of the building, you and your condominium corporation have recourse through Tarion, and that is a comforting thought. In addition, you can check into a builder’s background through the Tarion Warranty Corporation website,

Remember that the enrollment of your condominium with Tarion suite is one of your closing costs. As fantastic as today’s developers, builders, materials, construction techniques and items are, the unexpected can happen. In the long run, your Tarion enrollment will be the best money you ever spend.